XP & Level System

Experience Points and Level will be available in the game for each unique player. You can gain experience points by killing an enemy, capturing the flag or completing quests given by battle pass. After reaching the total required xp you will level up to next level. After leveling up the player will get an random item or buffs.
Experience Points system works like this:
Killing an enemy - 50 XP
Killing an enemy headshot - 80 XP
Capturing zone - 100 XP
Capturing zone with teammates - 40 XP
Killing an enemy with granade - 80 XP
Killing an enemy with knife - 100 XP
Victory - 150 XP
Level system works like this:
Level 2 - 1000XP
Level 3 - 3000XP
Level 4 - 4000XP
Level 5 - 6000XP
Level 6 - 7000XP
Level 7 - 8000XP
Level 8 - 9000XP
Level 9 - 11000XP
Level 10 - 12000XP
Level 11 - 13000XP
There will be limit of Levels that player can reach. The limit of levels is 100. Whenever the player reaches the 100th Level, the player will get high-priority item & prize.
The player will receive unique champion player-tag as he reaches level 100.