Join our Team

We are looking to hire people with good Unreal engine 4 knowledge!
If you have good experience developing games you can contact us to be part of our community.
We are looking for a people that has good experience with Unreal Engine 4. 
You need to know basics with blueprints and C++ in case to apply. The more you know means more chance to be in our team!

What are we looking for ?

  • 3D Modeler
  • Engineer (architecture)
  • Scripting
  • Level Designer
  • Animation 

3D Modeler

If you can create a good quality models (characters, weapons, cars, including everything) then you may contact us to join our community! 
Software that we accept models are :
3ds Max

Engineer (architecture)

If you have good experience with architecture designing houses, apartments, office, school, hospitals, interior objects, exterior objects then you can apply to our community.
Software that we accept are :
3ds Max


We are looking for someone who can understand and finish his job professionally with scriptings.
As it is the most hardest job at the same time it is the most important for game development.
If you have good experience with scripting come and join us!
Requirements :
Very good experience with C++
Knowledge with C#
Very good experience with Blueprints (ue4)

Level Designer

Level Designer requests good knowledge with Unreal Engine 4. 
You can show your skills by getting more creative during level designing.
Good experience with Unreal Engine 4 


Working with animations needs huge experience with animation software. 
If you can animate weapons, packs that we need, sequencer, vehicles, cutscenes, character animations.
Then don't hesitate to join our team.