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Battle Pass will be included on War Of Kosovo: 2033. There will be a lot of customizations, a lot of skins, weapons.

Battle Pass will update every season, as on the release it will start from Battle Pass Season 1.

Battle Pass has some skins and weapons for free users and Battle Pass has premium skins, weapons and more things for Premium users only! Premium Battle Pass Owners access list:

  • Unlocked Premium Skins

  • Legendary skins and Immortal skins

  • Premium Weapons

  • Premium Characters (Legendary)

  • Premium Sound Modifications

  • Medal Player Tag

  • Premium take-down animation

Free Battle Pass Owners access list:

  • 4 Total Weapons

  • Rare skins, uncommon skins and 1 Legendary skin

  • Uncommon Characters

  • Rare Special sounds

Check out Weapon List

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