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Why the release date have been postponed?

The release date have been postponed due to some unfinished features that the game currently misses them.

We are sorry to announce this but we promise a better quality game including every single feature that War of Kosovo: 2033 will have.

The most suitable idea was to finish the game with all of the features as this is the first Albanian game. So we think it may be better for all gamers to see something better that it will impress people by playing it rather than getting desperated from the game.

What will be the new features on next release date?

  • Our plan was to release on September 17, but due to lack of features that game had we postponed the launch day so we decided to bring out new features that it will amaze players during the matchmaking.

  • Leaderboard now will be one of the feature that it shows up top players and the player statistics.

  • Top 5 players of the year that it will be listed on Leaderboard section will get different prizes and awards.

  • Now Ranked Matchmaking will be playable on Competetive game-mode that it will seperate players by their rank. Ranking system will work by gaining experience, statistics and leveling up.

  • Wok will be protected by new Anti-Cheat engine called EQU8. This new anticheat will protect the game from hackers using any third-party software that helps user gaining advantages during the game.

  • We bring 3 new maps to the game with high quality textures, materials and a lot of new features.

  • Optimization for better frame-rate and smooth gameplay now will get a priority for new release date.

  • Offline mode playing against computer will be available now.

  • Lan/Party modes will be available for every user.

  • Community servers will be included.

When the game will be launched?

We didn't choose a date for the launch. But we promise that it will not take longer!

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Thank you for understanding us and for supporting us! Am Develop Inc.

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