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War of Kosovo: 2033 is a multiplayer online first-person shooter game developed by Am Develop and is available to pre-order on Steam. In Europe the pre-order is available as a pre-order game on the European servers, and on November 17, 2021 on the North American servers.[reference]


War of Kosovo: 2033 is heavily based on its realistic city style and attractive game mechanics every season. Each season continues with new maps and special stylized wearable skins, graffiti, weapons, effects and sounds. In season 1 players are introduced with Prizren and they will fight to capture zones to lead their team to the victory. In season 2 players are introduced with Prishtina and they will face against 32 enemies in a huge map.[3]



The story begins with the introduction of Uçk in the conquest match, 32 people are trying to capture the "Prizren". Recons have their special hidden places on the top of the buildings watching and searching for their victims. Assaults have their special speed-up ability to take the risk to kill their victims intensive.


The story begins with the new "Prishtina" city where people can find hideout places easily on this huge map. Capturing zones will be hard for both of the teams as there will be engineers attacking zones with "Helicopters" all around the map. Supports with ability to command the Tank now will destroy every single building to search & destroy enemies.


The season begins with the new game mode "The Battle Royale" where people do everything to survive the strong wind that destroys everything and facing 90 enemies. Everything is ready to end, people seek justice by finding tangible things to defend themselves from enemies.



War of Kosovo: 2033 is first-person shooter game where it represents a war that will take place in modern times in which the year will be 2033. Since the game will be modern, the game will include modern weapons, futuristic tanks and fighter planes. Game modes are Competitive, Deathmatch, Conquest, Team-Deathmatch and in the future Battle Royale. The characters of the game will be different, representing the army of Kosovo and that of Albania. Maps are edited and created based on realistic cities of Kosovo. Ranking up is available where players rank up during the matchmaking and level up on the leaderboard on Main Menu. Each player has its own inventory where it owns its skins, weapons, animations, effects and sounds. Profile level represents the current level of the player with its information that includes kills, deaths, assists and KDA. Smooth gameplay is set-up on the game for every player for better performance during the matchmaking.


Competitive game mode is most known game-mode over all time. Players will gain rank and experience points by playing this game-mode and ranking up. Counter-Terrorist have to defend their zones by defusing the bomb and Terrorists have to plant the bomb and defend the bomb for 45 seconds to explode to win the round. There are 10 players and there are only 15 rounds.


Team-Deathmatch mode will be playable with 16 players with a free-for-all mode. The first player who reach 50kills or the player who has the most of the kills when time ends wins the game.


Conquest is known with its huge maps that there is more than 30 players fighting each other to capture the zones. Capturing zones give players 1 ticket per second so when the team reach 2000 ticket they will be elected as winners. Prizren, Prishtina, Peja, Gjakova, Mitrovica, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Drenica are the official maps that it will be playable on the Conquest.


Strong wind that destroys everything slowly comes up to Kosovo. 90 people are stuck inside the country and they fight each other to save their lives on the Kosovo's streets. Looting is the primary thing that every player needs during the play time. Finishing up the game while surviving 20 minutes will elected as winner. Many achievements, medals, skins and weapons will be awarded during the gameplay.


War of Kosovo: 2033 is developed with Epic Games's Unreal Engine 4. The game will be released to Steam as pre-order in Europe on February 17, 2021, proceeding with November 17 for North America.



Co-Founder Ardian Krasniqi from Prizren, Kosovo (KS).

Ardian Krasniqi | LinkedIn

Co-Founder Ramiz Morina from Lausanne, Switzerland (CH).

Ramiz Morina | LinkedIn

Co-Founder Muhammed Nanovqe from Prizren, Kosovo (KS).

Muhammed Nanovqe | LinkedIn




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